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Resources for Families

As a pet's needs change due to age, mobility challenges, and/or life limiting diagnoses,  tools and products can help families and caregivers meet them with finesse. 

Here, you'll find my top picks to do just that and used by me and my families, curated by category.

products, articles & tools


Physical ability to move along changes as a pet ages. Osteoarthritis, muscle loss, maladaptive pain and more can contribute. To access information on how to enhance your pet's mobility, click here.


Keeping pets clean & comfortable is essential, especially in all stages of hospice and end of life. Making it easy is my jam. Click here for ideas you can implement right now, as well as to discover products.

medication administration

One of the biggest challenges that families express is giving their pets medication. And these medications are essential for treatment of diagnoses & comfort care. Wondering how to get around the hurdles? Click here.

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Comfort care is synonymous with animal palliative care and hospice, & little things make a huge impact on optimizing that. Click here to understand what that might look like for your companion animal. 

appetite support

Seeing a pet eat well is a priority for families, especially during their later years and whilst receiving hospice care. And, a flagging, unreliable or absent appetite happens for more reasons than I can list. Click here to gain insight on that & what to do when it happens.

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Along with addressing pain, ensuring a pet's well-being from an emotional & mental standpoint is tops. Their anxiousness can get in the way of that. Click here to learn you can avoid or address it.

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One of the top-of-mind mantras that is present in my assessments is 'safety first'. From safe interactions with a pet, their safety in & outside of the home, its all vital. By clicking here, you learn how to bring it all together.

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No matter the stage of life, the emotional & mental well being of pets is enhanced by keeping their bodies & brains engaged & busy. Resources & strategies can be accessed by

clicking here 

and here

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hearing & visual deficit management

Families need as much help adapting to a pet's hearing and vision changes as the pet does. You can be better positioned to do that when you click here & discover resources.

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supporting ourselves & others through grief


Everyone grieves and mourns. Even after a beloved member of their circle -- a pet -- dies. Depending on their age, their relationship to the pet, and so much else, you can gain more confidence in supporting & listening to those impacted by this loss by clicking here. If you're the one grieving, you can access the tools for self-advocacy at home, in the workplace and elsewhere.  

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