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everyday comfort (palliative) care for pets at home

A pet's increased needs in maintaining activities for daily living (what we refer to as ADL) and their well-being can pose significant challenges for both pet and the humans in their life. Whether that's the right bed and bedding enhancements to mitigate decubitus ulcers (pressure sores), keeping anxiousness and restlessness at bay, staying cool. And with solid, actionable strategies to enhance well-being, physical comfort by integrating tools and products to help both parties adapt, day-to-day life can be more enjoyable. Access to practical articles, tools and products is just a click away, thoughtfully curated, with links below. Some of the products are even made available to families-of-record by way of my lending library, so for those of you, please give a shout if something catches your attention. 


top product recommendations: an overview

Practical ideas and products to enhance safety, confidence & well-being in aging pets with changing ability & mobility

promoting a sense of physical & emotional comfort, safety & well-being is a boon

From eye comfort, staying cool, addressing swallowing issues, promoting skin integrity and more, some products are foundational in achieving that. Click here for the more complete, and ever growing list of them. 

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