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The anticipatory grief that we feel as a pet enters their twilight and end-of-life is as real as the grief that we've experienced from past deaths and our fresh loss of our animal companions. The emotions and thoughts that bubble up after a pet's death--even years after--they're not unusual. But they're hard.  

Grief is a process, not a pathology. It's also not binary: grief is multifaceted, it can be complicated. And it doesn't follow a straight line nor does it unfold in 'stages', necessarily. There's no right or wrong way to grieve -- there's just your way.


When you're grieving, you need to be seen, heard and acknowledged. And, during your grief journeys, it's important to be able to share your story with those who have earned the right to hear it, without judgement or shame. Lorrie gets that, and she offers her expertise in navigating loss, grief and mourning as a Certified Pet Loss and Grief Companion with the space, care and discretion that the process deserves.

Having space held for you -- an emotionally as well as a physically safe space --  is possible, even during the pandemic. Companioning sessions are held virtually, so there's no need to navigate social distancing, COVID screening or have the distraction of wearing a mask while trying to focus on matters at hand. And, you have the autonomy to be seen and heard where you're comfortable: in your own environment. 

 Getting started is as simple as clicking here.

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