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supporting ourselves & others through grief & mourning 

Humans in every age group can be affected by the loss of a beloved pet. Grief is a natural response to loss, not a pathology. The most important thing that we all need is to have proper space made so that we can be seen, heard & acknowledged as we mourn & grow around our grief. How to provide that space to others appropriately -- & how to communicate what you need as a griever -- need not be complicated or mystifying.  As a Certified Pet Loss and Grief Companion, I'm offering you a pathway to tap into resources to be of better support to others and to advocate for yourself. 

articles & resources

Everyone grieves and mourns. Even after a beloved member of their circle -- a pet -- dies. Depending on their age, their relationship to the pet, and so much else, you can gain more confidence in supporting & listening to those impacted by this loss. If you're the one grieving, you can access the tools for self-advocacy at home, in the workplace and elsewhere.  

my top book recommendations: an overview

Promoting an environment where people feel empowered to support others and grievers can be seen, heard and acknowledged is crucial. 

The way that we support others, no matter their age or relationship to the pet, and how we are able to be accepted as we move through grief is changing. These books crack open the door to better understanding that. Click here to browse titles that can demystify a process that we'll all experience. Includes resources for supporting young children, adolescents and teens.

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