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Lorrie Shaw during a podcast interview
pet sitter with a dog in Chelsea, MI

Pawprint Animal Rescue Podcast, 8/16

New Perspectives: pet sitting, animal hospice & the importance of acknowledging empathetic distress in the pet care & veterinary industry & animal rescue community.

pet sitter with a dog

Co-host, Pawprint Animal Rescue Podcast, 2/18

Harold and Nancy Rhee's adventures in animal foster, the value of seniors having pets, 14,000 years of sharing life with dogs and a glimpse into grief Companioning and the power of grief work in action.

Community Cats Podcast, 6/17

Keeping cats successfully in their homes or re-homed from shelters and rescues, how experienced pet sitters can help facilitate that and more.

pet sitter in Gregory, MI with a cat

Pawprint Animal Rescue Podcast, 6/17

Our pets, death and dying & the role of the Fear Free Pets philosophy & experienced pet sitters in animal hospice.

in the media

Having had a years-long stint as a regular contributor to Ann and MLive's pets section, as well as being a guest and co-host on podcasts, Lorrie is comfortable on either side of the interview, and the microphone. 

article on Ann Arbor News on cat hospice by Lorrie Shaw
article about bunnies and head tilt
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