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enrichment for pets

 Pets need to use their brains and their bodies to enhance their well-being. There are lots of ways that we can help facilitate that, and enrichment is just one. No matter their age or ability, you'll find a plethora of options to suit them with the articles and recommendations below.


top product recommendations: an overview

Practical ideas and products to enhance fun & well-being in pets are just a click away with the links below.

there are endless choices for enrichment for dogs

From full and rear body lift harnesses, to ensuring solid footing on bare surfaces, some products are foundational in achieving that. Click here for the more complete, and ever growing list of them. 

cats need not miss out on enrichment 

Why should changing mobility change or limit how dogs enjoy outings? Strategies to protect the paws of a canine patient whose rear paws knuckle over whilst on walks, and products to allow them to get into a vehicle are foundational in achieving that. Click here to see my favorites.

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